The Lightest Form of Flogging Podcast

11: Sojourner in Candyland


Sojourner in Candyland

Episode 11 on Friday, Jun 15, 2018

In this episode, we kick things off with a visual-aid assisted tour across the United States—podcast gold. We also introduce a much-needed, little-desired segment called follow-up—which will eventually envelope the whole show.

Perhaps most importantly, we did get to ten iTunes reviews, so you get to hear how why we picked our podcast name.

For our main topic, we put Jim on the psychiatrist’s couch and discuss how his unrequited pursuit of a pastorate affected his career and, you know, his emotions and stuff. We even manage to use the phrase "side hustle," so you know this is going to be awful.

We didn't mention (m)any links in this episode, but you should still go review us on iTunes. I’d like you, but if you haven’t done it yet, you don’t deserve a link.