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52: First Draft Comedy


First Draft Comedy

Episode 52 on Saturday, Jul 27, 2019

We begin with a parody of a well-beloved podcast. You'll have to hear it to understand—then you'll have to unheard it to recover. Next we dive into followup, where Jim apologizes for mispronouncing “data,” and David apologizes for letting Jim turn last episode into kind of an ad for a web app that David hasn't even shipped yet. But it's no one’s fault. Remember that.

Inspired by David’s side-hustlin’ eryday, Jim has decided that he would like his own side with which to hustle. This lead to a series of shenanigans, not the least of which is Jim taking a bunch of free personality and aptitude tests, probably accidentally signing over his soul to Russia in the process. We discuss how to find a career/side-hustle and even dive a little bit into the topic of vocation.

As if that weren't enough, and of course it isn't since we're only putting out shows fortnightly this Summer, we decide to discuss Stranger Things Season 3 in our after-show. Don't worry, we warn about spoilers before we actually get started. What we don't warn you about is how dumb the conversation is. We figured that was implied by now.

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