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72: Grudem’s World


Grudem’s World

Episode 72 on Saturday, Jan 04, 2020

First, David has one last beer for Jim. I guess we’ve bookended our weird little series introducing each other to different alcoholic drinks—because we started with Scotch and ended with a Scotch Ale. This wasn’t intentional, I can assure you. We’re too dumb to do something like that. Jim also talks about mind palaces and pie or something.

For our main topic, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Jim and David discuss prophecy. Specifically, we talk about Wayne Grudem’s view (or the historic Pentecostal view of it, which Grudem expresses). Jim talks about getting both the heebies and the jeebies whenever the idea of fallible prophecy is presented to him. David tries to understand why, and in the process probably accidentally insults the majority of the free world a few times.

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