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79: Fat, Sassy Calvinists


Fat, Sassy Calvinists

Episode 79 on Saturday, Feb 22, 2020

This might be our most follow-up heavy episode to date. But first, Jim shares a moment with David in a segment called, “When Popular Theologians Bitterly Disappoint Us.” Next we dive into our generous follow-up, which includes an explanation on why i’m got mad, how Jim’s job is going, how David’s doing in his new church, and a handful of stupid little things no one cares about but David (of course).

For our main topic, we discuss when we’re tempted to lie. We talk about the temptation to lie when we are trying to persuade people, specifically. We each share some stories of when we’ve done this and what’s made us decide we need to do it less. We also talk about why it’s important, when you’re with like-minded people, not to just pick bad examples of the other side, or outright lie about them while everyone cheers and shouts, “David! David! David!” and then they pour gatorade on your head, but it’s sugar free, so it’s not sticky afterwards. Then they bring out a white robe for you to wear and—

Anyway, yeah.

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