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118: Punch the Wicked in the Jaw


Punch the Wicked in the Jaw

Episode 118 on Saturday, Dec 05, 2020

This episode is about The Lord of the Rings, VFX, and Psalm-singing. If that seems weird to you, you’re probably new. Anyway, the show is mostly about LOTR and VFX up until the 43 minute mark. At the 43 minute mark, we discuss the Psalms, but the discussion arises out of Jim’s appearance on episode 24 of The Balm in Gilead Podcast—a podcast about music, especially Christian music, and often even more especially Christian worship music. While it’s not strictly required, listeners may find it helpful to listen to that episode before listening to the latter part of our episode.

Anyway, David talked a great deal in this episode, which is why for the next two episodes, David will simply be asking Jim questions. Not good questions, just “Why?” over and over again.

Note that we don’t know whether the person in the album artwork is wicked or not, but for charity’s sake, we’ll suppose and hope that he isn’t.

Mentioned Links

The above mentioned: episode 24 of The Balm in Gilead Podcast

Video: lotr but every lotr but every time sam takes a step towards mordor he says it'll be the farthest he's ever been

The Chick fil-a video Jim mentioned.

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