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16: Tactical Nuke


Tactical Nuke

Episode 16 on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018

This episode is best listened to while mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed.

First, Jim tries to humiliate David by telling a story of his heartless apathy. Little does Jim know, humiliation requires a heart and is by nature squelched by apathy. Next we try to help our listeners share the show by talking about diverse methods for accomplishing the same.

For our main topic, we do a dive into why Jim is using a flip phone, writing on tablets of stone, and why he has left social media in all its forms. We try desperately to center the discussion around the battle with algorithms for our focus and attention, but ultimately fail and talk about printers and stuff. Hmm boy. It’s gonna be a good one.

Mentioned Links

The GIF Jim referred to.

The book about smartphones changing us that Jim started off with.

A post about printers David wrote four years ago (he’s still using that printer).

CGP Grey’s Youtube Channel

A video wherein CGP Grey talks about his pulling back from the internet.

CGP Grey and Myke Hurley discussing the same thing in a podcast episode.

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