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65: Baiting Goats


Baiting Goats

Episode 65 on Saturday, Nov 16, 2019

David kicks of the intro to the intro before the other intro with… a song. Do you remember that time when he suggested making a parody of the Beatles song Paperback Writer that would make fun of the Christian publishing industry? David did. Do you remember immediately thinking, “That sounds like a terrible idea.” David didn’t. So he made it.

Apple’s Logic Pro lets talented people do some pretty amazing things. And it let David do this. Anyway, the lyrics will be below the mentioned links section, along with an apology from David.

For our main topic, we discuss Jim’s fiery passions regarding preaching. We set the context by discussing our views on it, then we try to talk about why Jim seems more fired up about it than David. Since David is usually more fired up about stuff like this than Jim, this episode should be at least mildly interesting if you’re really bored.

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Paperback Writer Parody Lyrics

Dear sirs at Crossway, will you read my book?
It took me weeks to write, will you take a look?
It’s based on some sermons by a man named Greer,
And I need the cash,
So I want to be a paperback writer.

It’s a gospel story of a broken man,
how he reads the Bible but can’t understand
His sin was ruling his heart since the Fall
He’s a Pharisee
But he wants to be a paperback writer

It’s 200 pages give or take a few
I could write some more in a week or two
I can add some stories if you like that style
I can change it 'round
And I want to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

It’s my gift to preach, and not so much to write
This really needs an editors oversight
I wrote most of it while I was drinking beer
But I want some fame
And I want to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

David’s Apology

I’m deeply sorry for having created this. But at least the lyrics still have more substance and less repetition than most modern worship songs.

– David