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70: What Les Did to You


What Les Did to You

Episode 70 on Saturday, Dec 21, 2019

David kicks the episode off by giving Jim a tasting of a beer in a style wherewith was not previously familiar. This is a brief segment because David doesn’t actually know 3 episodes worth of stuff about beer, and because listeners complain when we talk for 270 minutes about alcohol. We don’t have a problem; you have a problem.

For our main topic, we do a deep dive on Les Lanphere’s Spirit and Truth movie. Jim reveals that when he watched it, something happened inside of him—and in a Taco Bell way. We discuss the movie, what we liked, some criticisms, and then David tries to understand what the movie changed for Jim, who is reported to have been seen cage staging on worship in downtown Spokane—carrying a broadsword and quoting John Knox about Popish ceremonies.

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