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78: Touch Tongues


Touch Tongues

Episode 78 on Saturday, Feb 15, 2020

Oh, man. This is an episode, alright. We kick things off with a voicemail for Bill, and somehow things only manage to go downhill from there.

Our special guest is Ben Robin, again. It might be getting less special. Anyway, he receives an honor we typically reserve for no one at all: he joins us for our follow up segment. Follow up really is a two man job, though, so the segment smacks of too many chefs in the dining area. Nevertheless, we carry on.

Our main topic is Spiritual Gifts. And oh, man—it sure was a thing. Everyone was feeling fighty, and David didn’t have his emotion chip turned on—so empathy, as they say, was lacking. Anyway, we’re all still good friends, I think. But seriously, if you like it when we argue, this is your episode. You probably won’t be able to stop smiling for days. People will wonder what’s wrong.

Oh, and by the way, we had an after show. Ben picks a fight with David on having a high view of the church. Rhetoric flies. Statements are made. Children cry (I think). It’s quite moving.

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