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80: John Piper Hot Tub


John Piper Hot Tub

Episode 80 on Saturday, Feb 29, 2020

In this episode, we forgot an intro. We’re 80 episodes in and we still have no idea what we’re doing. This is the kinda things that keeps listeners leaving. Anywho, Jim has some funny skits and stuff, finally.. So that’s good.

Our main topic, which is brief, oddly, is about denying multiple sources of causality. No, David didn’t pick it. Jim did. David just suggested it. And it was last-minute—well, actually we picked it live. Anyway, it’s about when people say things like “God didn’t send Jesus to die for us because he loved us. He sent him because he cared about his own glory.” – When in fact, He did it for both reasons.

It’s a pretty interesting topic, but don’t let that get you too excited. There’s plenty of disappointment still.

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