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93: Hardened Broth


Hardened Broth

Episode 93 on Saturday, May 30, 2020

We kick things off with a game of Baptist or Naw. No, that’s not a misprint. You read it right. Baptist or Naw. Yes, it’s highly derivative from our other game, which is derived from Robot or Not with John Siracusa. But if you didn’t like things that are highly derivative, why are you listening to this show? Heck, you’re probably a baptist and you probably prefer the 1689 over the Westminster Confession. Talk about derivative. How dare you?

We also play a voicemail and read a text message. No thanks to most of you, who wouldn’t send in a voicemail if we literally begged you to on the show.

For our main topic, which we actually have, we discuss directionlessness. Finally. Of course, due to the voicemail, follow up, and other things, we hardly had any time to discuss it. But hey, we’re making progress or something.

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