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125 – FCU: Incompetent Jason Bourne


Incompetent Jason Bourne

Episode 125 on Saturday, Jan 30, 2021

You know we’re busy when we just do a skit from Monty Python. Well, we were busy, and we did do a skit from Monty Python—but we didn’t just do a skit from Monty Python!

Anyway, we talk about a lot of TV shows in our followup, which is cool if you like that sort of thing. Jim says he doesn’t like Psych and David gets depressed or something.

For our main course—the entrée if you will, we have a trailer for the most important movie to ever be featured in a trailer on this episode: Incompetent Jason Bourne.

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David’s office, not sure why he thought this was follow up. He was just happy about it, I guess. It’s not even done yet.

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