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126: Be Good with a Yo-Yo


Be Good with a Yo-Yo

Episode 126 on Saturday, Feb 06, 2021

In this episode, as per a listener request, we bring back Soup or Naw! We also discuss Lost and some other random stuff in Follow Up because, as the kids say, that’s how we do.

For our main topic, we discuss chapter three of Jordan Petersons’s Twelve Rules for Life: “Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You” and David gives a weird amount of information about Jay Adams and nouthetic counseling.

By the way, sorry for the colors. This was the only public domain stock image of a yo-yo that I could find on such short notice. You try to do better, okay?

Mentioned Links

The Narnian Wardrobe of Juicers – David’s first blog post on the Apple M1 processor.

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